Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One year ago today, I was sitting at my computer editing pictures and the phone rang. I almost didn't answer it because it was a long distance number I didn't recognize. We had received our "on deck" email just 2 1/2 weeks before and were expecting to wait 1-3 months before receiving a referral so I was trying to stay busy and not be too anxious every time the phone ring. I don't know what made me answer the phone because I really wasn't thinking it would be the referral, but I did and sweet Terra's voice (our agency representative) was on the other end. As soon as she told me who it was I knew and I was one crazy emotional lady. After a brief panic about what to do since Matt and the kids were all at school I asked Terra if I could gather them all and call her back. We had talked about all being there to see his face for the first time but hadn't actually made a plan.
After getting off the phone I jumped in the car to start gathering kids. I called Matt and told him to find a way to come home and to pick up Abby on his way. I wonder if I was even coherent when I picked up Max and Madison? I don't think my heart stopped pounding for the hour or two between Terra's phone call and the time I would actually see my son's face for the first time.
We got home and set up the video camera so we could video our reactions to seeing him for the first time. We wanted to show him some day just how much we longed for him and how overjoyed we were knowing that the little boy we were seeing for the first time would be ours...a gift from God.
We were all situated and we called Terra back and it went to her voicemail...ahhhh.
So we left a message and waiting maybe 30 minutes or so. She called back with all the details she knew about our precious boy. He was four months old at the time. The rest of the story is his to tell.
During the phone call Terra sent the email with his picture. I am so grateful that I video taped it. I was so emotional seeing his face for the first time I wasn't even aware of the rest of the family. Going back and seeing the video later was so emotional. Especially sweet Abby was overjoyed and overcome with emotion. I must figure out how to post it...check back!

After that referral day we would be assigned a court date for December 24th. We passed court on the first try (more about that day on the anniversary) and traveled to pick up our precious boy in February.

Here is the blog post Matt wrote on this day last year...

Sweet Sam,

I can't describe to you how much you have changed our lives for the better. You have brought us to a deeper level of understanding God's amazing love for us and the lengths He goes through to bring us home!! You have given us a perspective on the world and opened our eyes to realities that have been hard to see, but at the same time have given us a compassion for others and a purpose. You are so loved and adored and make us smile every day!

I love you so much. I get the giggles just watching you walk around and explore and study everything. I can already tell at this young age that you want to understand everything around you. You are a communicator and you love making everyone smile and laugh. I am grateful for you and so exciting to see what God's plans are for your life...I know they will be amazing!!