Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Can This Be?????

Max is six years old! Six?!?! That takes two hands to show and is, to me, a big change from little boy to big boy.

Here are six things I love about my precious son...

1. You love life. You are a silly, willy, nilly little boy who loves to laugh and have fun.

2. You have a gentle heart. You cannot walk past Sam without giving him a hug (even when he doesn't really want one). Your nature is to bring comfort when you see a need.

3. You are quick to forgive. You never carry a grudge long, even when you were wronged and you know it. You would rather accept the apology and make the other sibling feel better after they had to apologize to you.

4. You adore your Daddy. Although there are a few jealous strings to this one I can truly say it warms my heart to know how much you look up to your Daddy. This relationship your Daddy has with you is going to be the foundation of how much you understand how much your heavenly Father adores you.

5. You are a little engineer. You can figure out some of the most difficult puzzles. You are always trying to figure out how something works and you love explaining it to us.

6. You have an amazing smile. Your happiness and smile are contagious. Your joy is so authentic that it rubs off on others. I love you and am so blessed that God allowed me to be your mommy!!