Saturday, November 14, 2009

Care Package #1

Samuel Jacob,

Wow...I still feel like I'm dreaming!! I've stared into your eyes, wondered what your thoughts are, prayed for you to be healthy and to feel at peace and loved, and dreamed of the moment I will be with you to hug, kiss and love on you! You are so precious to me and to be able to see you now is such a gift!!! I feel this sense of urgency to protect you and watch over you, but I need to trust in your heavenly Father who has not for a moment left your side these past four months! I so wonder what it has a been like for you, what you have felt and experienced and I have to trust that God has protected your heart and given you the security and comfort and love at this time of your life when you need it so desperately!
So, with no other options but to trust in Him, I wait and pray, cry and smile at your sweet little face and store up all of the love I have for you and bottle it up until I can just let it flow!! I love you precious Sam!!

And, here is a surprise coming just for you! A gracious family is blessing us by bringing this care package to you as they travel to pick up their little boy!!
I hope you can sense that we are coming and soon you will be in the arms of your forever family!!!

I love you,

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C said...

How beautiful..I am crying! I am happy for your family and your sam! Casey