Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 4 (Part II)

Here we are at only the second half of day 4 and I remember Matt and I kept saying, "wow, it just keeps getting better and better." Besides not being able to talk to my kids any time I wanted to (because of time change and Internet issues) our trip was more amazingly wonderful than we could have imagined! After our time with Yallewo's family and shopping at the market, we headed back to Dave and Christy's to freshen up and pack. After getting everything together we had another wonderful meal of pizza and smoothies made with bananas, mango and pineapples. Then it was on to church! The church Dave and Christy attend is beautiful! I saw this amazing tree on the grounds that looked like a tree with mini poinsettias on the limbs...just gorgeous! We met some really wonderful people all there to serve the people of Ethiopia.

After church we had another adventurous journey to the transition home but we found it. We were on the fourth floor (which is really the fifth floor because the ground floor is not called the first floor there). And, the really fun elevators. Remember, this is 8000 feet elevation. The guards ran (and I mean ran) our luggage upstairs...AMAZING!!! We were all sucking wing by the time we got to our room, well, except the kids who seem enthralled by the place. They took no elevator as a challenge and decide to run up and down the stairs. They were having fun, but the rooms were all right off the stairs and the stairwell echoed terribly so we they had to come in. We ordered cheese pizzas from the kitchen downstairs for everyone and after settling in a bit played a game called Scum. After dinner Dave, Christy and the kids had to get home. I decided to try the Internet to see if it worked better at the TH and I was able to get through to Sue although it was a bad connection. Max and Abby were doing great and had loved the snow! Then I was able to get through to Dad and I found out Madison had been sick with a fever...achy mommy heart ensued!! I also had a chance to log into my email account and had almost 200 emails...oh, did I NOT miss that!!! When I was finally ready to sleep it was way too late to take Ambien because I didn't want to be impossible to wake in the morning, so I tossed and turned all night anxious and excited for our official time to begin!!

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