Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories...

Wow...Thanksgiving came and went like a flash! I think I am so consumed with work as it is nearing the end of my busy season (I'm almost there!!) that life speeds by from October-December! I did slow down for a couple days to enjoy time with family! Wednesday we had my dad's famous lasagna (oh so good) and Thursday back to Dad's for a big traditional Thanksgiving turkey meal. This year the Thurmans and Vincents (James' family) were there which meant lots of cousins time. Friday night was my turn. We hosted about 20 people for a delicious ham dinner. Everyone brought a dish and I added some Ethiopian tibs(kind of like a beef fajita dish) with a little too much Berbere(an Ethiopian spice we brought back) and injera (an Ethiopian flat bread), mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing and two caramel apple pies. I love cooking for everyone for Thanksgiving. We have oh so many blessing to be thankful for!! Our evening ended with some awesome Uncle Joey time! He's the best uncle ever!!

** I wish I had taken more people pictures but I went into hostess mode as soon as everyone showed up and forgot to snap pictures!

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