Friday, July 17, 2009

Austin, Texas!

Greetings! Today was a milestone for us as we finally reached the top of Paperwork Mountain. We hit the road around 8:45am and drove our dossier to Austin so that it could be certified.

**this is Cindi hijacking the blog (Matt has been the author so far) but you know me...gotta share the pictures! I am kicking myself for not remembering my camera for our trip to Austin, but thank goodness for the iphone camera...not so bad!! Here are a few fun shots from our trip and thoughts I want to remember!

The first shot of the day! Matt suggested I take a photo of the sign and when I noticed the reflections I knew what a cool shot that would be!! So fun!

These shots took us about 10 minutes. It isn't easy taking a picture of yourself with an iphone. We had fun in spite of (or maybe even because of) the looks of the people around us wondering what in the world we were doing. I so love that Max was totally oblivious to the stares and just having fun being silly with us!

After our trip to the state secretary it was off to the nearest Kinkos to get everything copied and mailed off. That took longer than expected and we had to bribe Max with Reese's Pieces to get through it. It was pretty much lunch/nap time for him and he was letting us know this was not his favorite thing to be doing!

Can you see the state capitol on the mirror!! Love this shot!

One of the best things about this trip was getting to visit with my best friend and her family! We celebrated getting our dossier certified with a bueno lunch at a restaurant in Austin called "Trudy's". I highly recommend them!! Then Jennifer's husband Shannon took us to the highest spot in Austin with the most amazing view of the city and a lake/river (I'm not so good with details) ;) But, it was beautiful!
It was hot and here are the sweaty kids to prove it!

On the way home Shannon and Jennifer told us to visit the Baylor Bears (they are Baylor alumni). Max (and Matt) LOVED it! There were two bears and they were sooo cute. Max deserved to do something fun for him after being so patient the whole day!

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