Friday, October 23, 2009

3 months...

We've been waiting three months since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia.

If the timeline continues we will probably get a referral sometime in December! What an awesome Christmas gift!! That would put us traveling maybe sometime in March!

The courts have just opened up in the last couple of weeks and court cases are being heard! Just as AW has said, about 60% of the families who have had court dates have passed! My heart hurts for the families who didn't pass but I have been encouraged by their understanding that God's timing is perfect!

We are #9 on the unofficial waiting list for our agency. However, because of the courts closing for rainy seasons there aren't many families traveling right now which means the transition home isn't going to have room for new children for a while. The next travel group that I know of leaves in mid November!

We continue to pray for the orphans, orphanages and the loving Nannies and AW staff! We also daily lift up baby Sam's family! Praying that they know how much God loves them!!

Hoping to have news soon!! Until then thank you so much for the prayers and support!!!

Love you all!!

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