Monday, December 14, 2009

A Taste of Culture...

We had a great night out with a sweet family who is also adopting from Ethiopia. As a matter of fact they received a referral for a beautiful baby boy just less than a month after we did! I am so excited to share this process with this family and to have them (and, joyfully, others as well)in our lives to walk this path and to share in the experiences of international adoption.

This past weekend we took our families to an Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas.
It was a great experience! The restaurant was pretty empty when we walked in and I was a bit nervous, but we had been told by a trustworthy source that the food was delicious, and indeed it was!! We ordered two different dishes. One was called Kereje kitfo and was like a spicy ground beef with greens and cottage cheese (but the cheese looked more like a feta cheese to me). The second dish was called yebere sega tibs and was like a cross between fajitas and barbeque. However, both dishes were WAY spicy!!!! I drank two Sprites to get through it and ate more injera than meat, but honestly, I LOVED the taste!!! The injera is a bread that they serve the meat over and they give you lots of extra injera to use as a utensil. So fun!! The kids were pretty hungry still when we got home...LOL!

I also got a second care package together for Sam. Another wonderful family from our group has volunteered to take it for us and we are so grateful. These images are only of the little outfit and toy, but are also adding a recordable greeting card that we each said "I Love You Y****") (well, I said, "Mommy loves you Y**** and Matt said Daddy and so on so that he would hear a name with a voice. I hope they play it for him often, but at least I know the wonderful Root family will play it for him! His Nani is also sending him a soft Christmas toy.

I am sure Christmas will be tough knowing that he is not here. I am sad to not get to experience his first Christmas with him, but I know he is being well taken care of and that God has surrounded him with His angels. I pray that he sleeps peacefully each night and that he knows in his heart his forever family is coming soon!!

We love you precious Sam and can't wait to hold you in our arms!!!

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