Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year End Tax Deductable Donation Opportunity...

Just in case I missed someone in the email I sent, here it is...

Hi Friends,

To start, Matt and I can't tell you enough how blessed we feel to have each of you walking beside us in encouragement, prayer and financially on this journey to Sam. You are more of a treasure to us than you will ever know!!!

Although I hesitate to share this because of my prideful self, I know I should.

There is a fund with our agency that we have qualified for called the Eternal Family Fund. It is a tax-deductable donation and I know some of you may be looking to meet a certain amount of donations before the end of the year. We have qualified to receive up to $6000 through this fund for all donations sent before our court date (which is Thursday, December 24th) Any donations sent after that date will not go towards our adoption (unless we do not pass court, if that happens I will find out if they extend the deadline for donations)

You can donate online by following the link below or you can mail a check (if you would like the address to mail the check just let me know, but those would have to be mailed by Monday to have a chance of making it on time)

Eternal Family Donation - Adoption, International Adoption, Christian Adoption Agency

Please do not feel pressured in any way to donate if you are not led to do so!! God has a perfect and wonderful plan for our family and He will provide for our every need!

Again, thank you so much for all you each have done for us!! There WILL BE one less orphan in the world because of the love, encouragement, prayer and/or financial support from you!!!

The Koceich Family

p.s. Also, if you haven't heard about our awesome adoption t-shirt fundraiser visit out adoption blog at

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