Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh My...Is She Really Double Digits???

My oldest is ten! TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is a decade!!!! And so unbelievable to me!!!
I have put off this post for a while as I am still in denial, but it's true!! :)

For her 10th party we did Dr. Seuss. It was a great party! I made cakeballs (my newest love) and of course green (deviled) eggs and ham. We bought each girl a Cat in the Hat hat and they looked so cute!! We played telephone using phrases from "There's a Wocket in my Pocket", then watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and broke into teams to answer questions from the movie. Finally, we played a game where the girls had to balance things on their teammates heads (like the cat does in "Cat in the Hat").

I wanted to share 10 things I love about my 10 year old...

1. Her sweet and gentle spirit. She is kind to EVERYONE she encounters ALL THE TIME!!!

2. Her humor. She likes to laugh and be silly.

3. Her patience. She never seems to get irritated and will sit and help her sister with reading or her brother with trains with no complaints.

4. Her loving heart. She always hugs with purpose.

5. Her intelligence. She grasps new concepts with ease and retains everything she hears.

6. Her humility. She doesn't care that she is beautiful and smart.

7. Her smile. She has a pure and true smile.

8. Her eyes. The most gorgeous eyes you can imagine.

9. Her concern for others. She truly sees the hurting in the world and has compassion on them.

10. Her wisdom. She is wise beyond her years!!

I love you angel!!


~just me~ said...

a Dr. Suess party! what a great idea! you're so clever!

Beautiful photos!!

and what wonderful things to say about your daughter! :)

Jennifer said...

She is so wonderful and so are you. What a great idea for a party! You never run out of them...or the energy to pull them off!

Mike and Amy said...

Absolutely LOVE the Dr. Seuss party ideas!! (I just might have to snag them for 2 little boys!)
In His Love,
Mom to John and Ryan