Monday, September 6, 2010

Koceich Happenings...

Time for a Koceich Kiddos Update...

You are really enjoying 6th grade and your teachers this year! We've only had two weeks of school but so far so good!
You are still enjoying swim and have a meet (your second so far) coming up at the end of this month. You're nervous about that, but I think with each meet you'll get more and more comfortable. You've moved up to the Bronze level of swimming. I think this is now your third level since you started swim about a year ago.
You and Sam are developing a special bond. I knew you would. You are so loving and a natural nurturer and he's young enough to not really get on your nerves. LOL
You are really searching and wondering about the TRUTHS of God. I think you worry that your supposed to understand it all, but we've talked alot about just asking God to reveal who He is to you and taking the time to listen, pray and read and understand His word. I love that you don't just accept what you're told, but need to know and understand for yourself! I pray for a peaceful heart and a greater knowledge of and love for God than you could ever imagine!!

You are sugar and spice and everything nice FOR SURE! You love your 1st grade teacher, you love school, you love clothes and accessories, you love life!! Your spunk still gets you in trouble often, but it's what makes you the you that we all love so much!! You are still in gymnastics and really enjoying it. You've talked about trying something new, but we're having you stick with gymnastics for a least a little while longer. We were able to convince you that if you stuck with it you could possibly be like the Olympic gymnasts. When you remembered they were on TV for all the world to see you were convinced it was a good idea! Oh, I just know you will make quite a mark on the world!!!

Cute as a button, sweet as honey! You were blessed to get the awesome kindergarten teacher that Abby had last year. I was certain she would be so impressed with how well-behaved you are...well...two weeks and two squiggly faces later...
Actually, you are so wonderfully well behaved and when you've gotten the squiggly faces you've felt awful about it, but it turns out you just LOVE to talk, talk, talk! You don't have one spiteful bone in your body so we'll work on the talking but at the same time count our blessings for what a sweetie pie you are!!
You are still as enamored by trains as ever! Thomas the train is a topic of conversation most days. It's so cute to see how excited you get about anything to do with trains!

Sweet, funny Sam. Your little personality is flourishing! When your brothers and sisters are home you are just giddy. You spent most of this morning bouncing on your knees or doing a little spin maneuver we call "break-dancing" and just being in general loud and happy! You still mean business when it comes to food. If you see anyone eating then you MUST eat too! You have the thighs to prove it. You are getting better at giving us the hungry sign instead of just screaming. We're working on portion control and you're much better at stopping when you're full! I'm sure it takes a while to retrain thoughts. I'm sure you began life having feelings of true starvation and those memories are strong and hard to forget! We are so thankful to have you in our family! You keep us smiling and thankful!!

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