Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet and Sassy...

Poor Abby's birthday falls right at the beginning of my busy season. I totally forgot to blog about my sweet, precious girl!!!


At seven this phrase "Sweet and Sassy" fits you perfectly! You are all things glamour and fashion. You love clothes, jewelry, lip glass, hair clips etc., etc. etc. Paw Paw took you shopping for your birthday. You hadn't seen the inside of the mall since you were a baby and he said the gasp you let out when you saw Dillard's was telling!! You will be an unapologetic fashionista, I am sure of it! You definitely have lots of Sassy to go with that Sweet. You are working hard on your behavior, but sometimes that urge to just "do" whatever it is your not supposed to do wins. I am sure God gave you that spunk for a specific purpose. It will accomplish good and further God's kingdom in some awesome way!!

I love you sweet, seven-year-old sassy girl!! You are my JOY!!!!


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