Sunday, October 10, 2010

The State Fair of Texas

Going to the State Fair of Texas has become a tradition! We are becoming pros at finagling our way through the crowds to hit our usual route. We did great this year except for missing the dog show. They closed the doors early because it was full! It was beautiful weather and a fun and delicious day!!

*** perfectionist photographer's disclaimer...these are not fully edited! :)

Sam's first State Fair...he wasn't so sure about all these people everywhere!

First stop...the giant indoor sandbox. Sam didn't like how the sand felt on his feet so he observed just outside the box.

Now that's some Texas Sized cotton candy!

Our favorite stop is the Little Farmers Farm. They get to pick fruit, plant seeds, milk a cow, ride a tractor out to the fields to feed the cattle and more. At the end they turn in eggs, milk, corn, wool and more to get paid for their labors and buy a treat at the store! Really a well run exhibit!!

onto the rides. They each got to pick one ride with our tickets and Nani took them on a ride with her. Max couldn't resist the first BIG CAR he came too!

and Abby, of course, made a fast friend on her airplane ride.

Madison picked the loud music ride. No idea what it is called, but boy was it loud!

Max needed a little carry/snuggle time with daddy by the end of the day!

That is one tired baby!

But, we still must go out with a bang. Funnle cake complete with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup! Can you say tummy ache???

A tuckered out kid is the best judge of what a fabulous day we had!!

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