Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the Countdown Begins...

I'm going to attempt to catch up on our Christmas fun!

Our first Christmas as a family of six! magical and exciting!

I love decorating the tree. Each year we break out the new Christmas pjs (I'm way too practical to wait until Christmas Eve) make the kids hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music and I hand out the ornaments to Daddy and the kids to hang. You'd be so proud of me, I didn't rearrange a single ornament this year! Go mommy!!

I was a bit worried about Sam and the Christmas tree. I even considered not putting one up this year knowing how curious my precious baby is. What was I thinking? I'm so glad sense returned and up the tree went. I bought one of those handy, organized, easy to use (or so I dreamed) tree bags on wheels to make it easy to take the tree down and store it in the attic. Ha...we actually broke the tree last year trying to get it in the bag. But a little creativity and some clay and it was fixed and ready to decorate. I just loved seeing Sam's reaction to the tree. He said, "What's that" about 50,000 times in the month of December. We were smart and only hung soft, non-breakable ornaments down low. But, funny enough, he only touched a couple of them. He loved the tree but was a little nervous to touch even the branches. There was one ornament with a bell on it though and by the end of December he was ringing that bell several times a day...too cute!!

Max brought home a count down chain from school at the beginning of December so we decided it would be fun if Madison and Abby made one too so they could each tear a chain as the days got closer! It was fun seeing the chains getting shorter and shorter!

We also started a new tradition this month. We ate dinner by candle light (you'll probably remember that was Jingle's elf!). We plan to continue candle light dinners often!!

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