Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Day...

Christmas day, to be honest, was quite the blur. I hosted over 20 people Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Christmas Night. I am glad I did and it went well, but it went by quickly too!

Christmas morning we walked the girls over to the boys room while covering their eyes so they wouldn't see what Santa had left (of course we've gotten oh so smart in our old age and covered the Santa gifts and stockings with a sheet...we've learned we have a couple cheaters in the family). Then Mom, Susie and Darel, Casey and Jimmy, Jaxon, Jayce, Joey and Xio came over (I think around 7:30). Once the mishap with the cinnamon rolls was fixed I let the kids eat a little breakfast. Of course being the practical mom that I am I couldn't have a bunch of overexcited kids eating sticky cinnamon rolls on the carpeted bedroom floor and leaving trails of sticky goodness all over everything, so where did we put them all? The bathroom of course. Ewww...I know, sounds unsanitary, but I promise it was cleaner than the boys room! After breakfast it was time for the kids to come out youngest to oldest and behold their Santa gifts. Once the Santa gifts are done it's kinda a free-for-all in our family. Everyone is up handing out and opening gifts, paper is flying, oooohs and aaaahs are being spoken and lots of hugs and "I love yous" are doled out. I guess with that many people that's the only way to do it, but I think next year we may try to open our family gifts before we do the big family gathering. I am a sucker for watching the excitement of my kids opening their gifts and enjoying the moment.

Then it was on to our traditional breakfast burritos. YUM!!! We definitely have that down to a science! You won't see any pictures of this and from here on out I was pretty much on the go so I didn't get many pictures. :( But, trust me that it was a wonderful time of delicious food and family...oh, and a little Wii Just Dance II.

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