Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prairie Lights...

For the last couple of years we have enjoyed driving through the "Prairie Lights" in Grand Prairie. They are light displays along the road at a campsite that you drive through. The last couple of years we have made it a tradition with our close friends, the Koehlers. At the end of the lights is a mini carnival with a carousel on speed. It is seriously so fast and a spinning ride called "Dizzy Dragons". Amber took Sam on the carousel and he LOVED it! Every time he came around he had this giant smile on his face. I was worried it was going to scare him, but no way...he is going to be my little dare devil! No pictures because they all came out blurry...I told you it was fast!
Amber was the only one brave, or crazy, enough to ride the Dizzy Dragons ride. It's kinda like the tea cups at Disney Land to which I would also never grace my presence.

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